Graphic Design
Brand Identity

01. CI Development

Customers first point of contact is with your company’s logo, and therefore, it needs to be impactful and communicate the right message. Professional logo and stationery designs can communicate a unified message and be a tool to amplify brand awareness. Here at Create-Worx, we will design a long-lasting and memorable logo and stationery that will elevate your brand.

Business marketing

02. Presentation

What’s the hook? Our editorial experts have a special ability to find and spotlight the relevance of a brand’s story in a way that catches audiences’ attention.

Just as importantly, they have a knack for amplifying a brand’s voice across different presentations. Editorial work which will be a pitch-perfect marriage of message and format.


03. Marketing Material

Have an idea, but struggling to come up with the perfect words to express the uniqueness of your concept?  Are you uncertain which channels will best serve your campaign?

 Our conceptual team will help to implement your creative concept that will put your brand on the map and in front of the right audience, at the right time, and with the right brand message.

Visual marketing

04. Video Creation

Video is a key component of any contemporary campaign, engaging audiences like nothing else. That said, our in-house video and animation team could just as easily be called magicians.

Consummate problem solvers on the fly, their workdays are a flurry of location shoots, project juggling, editing and the creation of content that cuts through the noise. Who knew bringing financial reports to life could be so compelling?